Java - from code to run

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Java - from code to run

P.S., the history of Android cross-platform solution,

Android - cross-platform history

  • languages do prepared-beforehand compiling from source code to machine code (and then link with other existing compiled object files), a.k.a., compiled languages: C, C++ (might have Assembly code as the intermediary language)
  • languages compile to bytecode and then passing the bytecode to virtual machine; in the vm the bytecode will be interpreted to machine code through JIT interpreter, a.k.a., VM programming languages: Java, Python, PHP ...
  • languages work by walking an AST representation derived from the source code, a.k.a., interpreted programming languages: Perl, Ruby 1.8 ...
  • languages do directly JIT compiling from source code to machine code with no bytecode intermediary: JavaScript V8, Dart ...

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